Yi Dan Wu


Yi Dan Wu is a type designer at Hanyi Fonts based in Shanghai, China.

She graduated from Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts with the major in Visual Communication Design. During her study at University, she became interested and passionate in typeface designs. Her graduation work “Study and design typeface in 1930's Shanghai” won the award of best student work of year 2018, by Japan Typography Association. The work also got exhibited in China, Japan, and UK. Since joined Hanyi Fonts in 2017, She started to implement some of these design concepts into commercial typefaces.

In her spare time, she likes wandering and photographing in the cities, looking for the traces and marks of various local typefaces. These typefaces could be a window to understand the culture and art of a city or a country.


BITS9 Workshop
Yi Dan Wu
October 11, 2019
Afternoon Session
1:30pm - 4:00pm
at Function Room, TCDC Chiang Mai
Available slots : 15

“ Studying and Reproducing typeface in 1930's Shanghai ”

Shanghai is playing a critical role in social and economic development in China. During the 1930s, the fast development of commerce and manufacture, as well as the movement of promoting “National or Chinese goods”, putting the development of local art and design, publishing and printing business to its peak in Shanghai. Typeface design also got great development. Influenced by western Art deco style, by incorporating geometric shapes into Chinese character designs, the 1930s Shanghainese typefaces emerged. The 1930s Shanghainese typefaces were widely used in many occasions such as Billboard, product packaging and advertisements by then, also acting as a bridge between old cultural heritage and new modern industrial city.

The workshop is mainly for people who are interested in understanding the fundamentals of Chinese typography, combining a presentation on “1930s Shanghainese typefaces”, and practice of crafting few characters and digitalizing them.

Bring your Laptop.