Xiao Yu Liu


 Xiao Yu Liu is a type designer at Hanyi Fonts based in China.

In 2014, she went to Korea and studied visual communication design Master program at Sungkyunkwan University. After graduating, she joined Hanyi Fonts and started Latin type designing. Her works covered a broad range. For Chinese-Latin font development, she created Latin parts of various types, such as Hanyi Nuomituan, Hanyi Tangmeiren, Ruiyisong, etc. And she has also participated and directed the branding family type project for JOOX application in 2017 and Alibaba group in 2019.

Sometimes calligraphy is the inspiration in her working process. When she was young, she learned Chinese calligraphy for many years. The extended interests and passion in calligraphy make her begin to learn Latin calligraphy in 2016. And she gives an Italic script calligraphy workshop successfully this year.