Promphan Suksumek


Boom, Promphan Suksumek is a type designer at Cadson Demak, a type foundry based in Bangkok, Thailand. She also currently teaches courses at local universities in the subject of typography and the fundamentals of type design. 

She received her master degree with the degree of the International Master of Design UIC/HGK (MDes Basel) a dual degree program collaboration between University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC) and the Basel School of Design, Visual Communication Institute HGK FHNW. And she received her BFA in communication design (CommDe) from Chulalongkorn University in 2014. 

Currently, Suksumek is working on her self-initiated open archive project of Thai loopless script (


BITS9 Workshop
Promphan Suksumek
and Cadson Demak Team
October 11, 2019
Late Afternoon Session
4:30pm - 6:00pm
at SWCA, TCDC Chiang Mai

Type Talk:
“The Evolution of Thai Loopless”

Thai script is divided into two main categories the loop and the loopless. Looplesss is generally considered the “modern” form of Thai script. However, the Thai loopless form has its history. This presentation will examine the evolution of the Thai loop-less style and attempt to map its development.

Originating from Thai Naris typeface, in the late 1800s, the Thai Loopless form was initially constructed using the board nib pen. Later on, it was adopted and transformed by the locals. Initially, it was primarily used in headlines. In literature, newspapers, and local products, it was used to make a bold statement. In the 1940s, it began to be embraced by the local calligraphers and sign painters. The dry transfer era saw even more experimentation with the loopless form. It was also seen on the posters during the student uprising. And now it is part of our daily life. 

Cultural influence has simplified the loopless form over time. The Thai loopless form brings up many questions about what we consider modern or outdated. By understanding the history of the loopless form, we can get a better understanding of its possibilities in the future.