Pankaj Joshi


Pankaj Joshi is a management professional from Noida, India. After graduating from engineering school 18 years ago, he surfed through different technology waves at Adobe – from desktop publishing to web designing to video streaming, and from color management to formats engineering to typography. After 8 years into this journey he stepped out and earned his Global MBA from SPJain School of Global Management in Singapore. Back in Adobe with renewed vision, Pankaj started exploring the world of software and creative requirements in the Asian region. He is a key member of the team that adds support for scripts from the South East Asian, Indian, and Middle Eastern regions to Adobe’s creative line of products. As the product manager, Pankaj unceasingly strives to identify the unmet needs of creative professionals in this region and keeps challenging himself to reduce friction points in creative workflows and experiences.


BITS9 Welcome Party
Pankaj Joshi
October 10, 2019
Keynote Presentation
4:00pm - 6:00pm
at TCDC Chiang Mai

Keynote Presentation:
“SEA Type Support in Adobe Products”

Adobe creative products are the go-to tools for designers all over the world. One of the long-standing limitations of adobe products was lack of native support for Unicode text shaping for South East Asian scripts. In 2018, we re-engineered our text engines, adopted the open-source shaper, Harfbuzz, and extended our engine to support the South East Asian languages and other complex scripts. We added hyphenation, spell check, and line breaking rules for South East Asian languages. Not only that, the multi-geo workflows that combine SEA scripts with European scripts were also taken care of. Workflows having text in Sinhalese, Thai, Khmer, Lao, Burmese and many more scripts would now be supported natively. This talk will outline details on our work as we undertake this journey of high-fidelity multilingual type support.