Mark Frömberg


Mark Frömberg (Mark2Mark) is a Berlin-based typeface designer, tool developer and sporadically illustrator. He received a master degree from TypeMedia at the KABK in Den Haag in 2014. His focus is on anything related to languages, writing systems and code. During the last years he extended his Non-Latin work towards South East Asian scripts like Thai, Khmer and Burmese, which again trigger new ideas for creating useful tools for the type design community. Some of his free and commercial plugins are firmly established in many designer’s GlyphsApp workflows.

He presented his ways of problem solving at Robothon 2018 under the title »Speed Up«. Together with Natalie Rauch and Ben Mitchell he ocasionally teaches type design to beginners and advanced designers alike.

Designwise he likes to combine systematical structure with unpredictable moments. Usually he disguises complexity behind a clear decency with a strong, saucy wink, augmenting the outcome with multiple layers to discover over time. His coding font »Gintronic« is now an option for everyone using the famous CodePen. It is a very non-techy looking typeface which makes it easy to look at code all day.

Recently his Thai extension for the open source font Fira Sans was released from bBox type and is now used in the maps of »HERE«. You can download the entire font family with 15 weights for upright and italic styles for free.