Dave Crossland


Dave Crossland attended the first Libre Graphics Meeting in 2006, and became fascinated with the potential of libre licensing to improve design. He has spent the last 10 years working to liberate typography, mainly as a program manager in the Google Fonts team where he has commissioned 100s of typefaces for languages around the world. He also regularly contributes to the Crafting Type, Font Bakery and TruFont projects.


BITS 8 on the beach Conference
Dave Crossland
Presented by Google Fonts
October 5, 2018
5:00pm - 6:30pm
at Air Space Hua Hin

"Google Fonts: Checking Font Quality With Font Bakery"

Quality assurance of fonts is a constant requirement for font publishers, foundries and type designers. Every foundry has their own set of tools to ensure that the fonts they publish are in a good condition.
Font Bakery is a new checking tool that comes with checks for OpenType binary files, at 3 levels: Format specifications, distributor requirements, and custom checks. The project was initiated by Dave Crossland in 2013 to accelerate the onboarding process for Google Fonts.

In 2017 Lasse Fister rewrote it into a modern, modular architecture with a web dashboard suitable for both individuals and large distributors, and Marc Foley added regression testing and comparison tools.
It now has an active community of contributors from foundries around the world, and is maintained by Felipe Sanches. This talk introduces Font Bakery, unpacks the opportunity for designers and foundries to collaborate on font quality assurance, and demonstrates how it improves font production and publishing workflows.