Chorong Kim


Chorong Kim is a type designer at Sandoll Communications based in South Korea and she gives variety of directions for type design project. 

Chorong Kim studied visual design at Kyunghee University in South Korea then she went to France where she discovered her interests about Latin type and typography in a new cultural context. She finished her course of Type Design Course at ISBA Besançon and ESAD Amiens in France. For her master’s degree, she explored relations between Hangul and Latin through the multilingual typeface family design. Also she deepened her understanding and study on typography and languages during her post diploma course and achieved Latin-Thai type family. After graduating, she joined Cadson Demak as a type designer and is currently working for Sandoll Communications. She has designed several Thai fonts, ‘Thonglor’ is one of works that she participated. And she has also been involved or directed in various projects for Korean-Latin font development; Kakao (South Korean IT company), Naver (South Korean IT company), ABB, Apple and many Sandoll retail fonts.

She is a member of Korean Society of Typography. And she is also a guest lecturer for type design in several design institutes.