Chorong Kim


Chorong Kim is a type designer at Sandoll Communications based in South Korea and she gives variety of directions for type design project. 

Chorong Kim studied visual design at Kyunghee University in South Korea then she went to France where she discovered her interests about Latin type and typography in a new cultural context. She finished her course of Type Design Course at ISBA Besançon and ESAD Amiens in France. For her master’s degree, she explored relations between Hangul and Latin through the multilingual typeface family design. Also she deepened her understanding and study on typography and languages during her post diploma course and achieved Latin-Thai type family. After graduating, she joined Cadson Demak as a type designer and is currently working for Sandoll Communications. She has designed several Thai fonts, ‘Thonglor’ is one of works that she participated. And she has also been involved or directed in various projects for Korean-Latin font development; Kakao (South Korean IT company), Naver (South Korean IT company), ABB, Apple and many Sandoll retail fonts.

She is a member of Korean Society of Typography. And she is also a guest lecturer for type design in several design institutes.


BITS 8 on the beach Conference
Chorong Kim
October 7, 2018
Morning Session
10:00am - 12:40am
at Tamarind Ballroom,
InterContinental Hua Hin Resort

"Hangul surfs on Korean wave in Thailand"

The Korean Wave in Thailand has been rising for many years and has a considerable influence on young Thai people. For that reason, Hangul which we’ve known as Korean script is being used in a wide variety of Korean products and stuffs and selling briskly in Thailand because the Korean language could give more impressions of the real ‘Korea’ than anything. 

However, a lot of expressions used in Thai are unnatural or not understandable to Korean natives and sometimes, sentences written in Hangul which seem to be translated by internet are utterly incomprehensible. The most of the used font is often not matched well in the context of the product or services due to lack of delivering information about a pure meaning of Hangul. And they are frequently used regardless of the cultural context but it cannot be said that the uses are totally wrong and we don’t have to be a master for all history of other scripts to use. It is not only Korean-Thai issue, this occurs around the world which needed intercultural communication. This talk gives you a little time to think about the relationship between cultural context and fonts.


BITS 8 on the beach Workshop
Chorong Kim
October 7, 2018
Afternoon Session
1:30pm - 3:00pm
at Meeting Room 2,
InterContinental Hua Hin Resort
Available slots : 10

"What Hangul font is better for this one?"

This workshop offers an easy exercise of Hangul font selection for Korean wave item through following step:

1.     Choose one of Korean Wave Item through
        K-beauty, K-pop, K-drama and ex cetera..
2.     Research contexts for each selected item
3.     Discussing on how to analyse the contexts
4.     Install Sandollcloud App on Laptop
5.     Choose Korean font that well-match with
        the item
6.     Make a simple artwork and share ideas. 

Through this experience, you can understand better about the relationship between Hangul font and cultural context.

*All participants could use Sandollcloud service for free for 3 months.

Requirements: Bring your own laptop (illustrator, Photoshop installed)