Tanachot Sapruangnam


Tanachot Sapruangnam graduated with a degree in Communication Design from Bangkok University, Heavily influenced by Swiss international design, geometric shapes, and grid systems. Problem solving based projects are his most interest. His experimental type design project won a jury’s prize at Bangkok Degree Show in 2007. He holds a Master’s Degree from Ravensbourne in London where he did a Thai-latinized typeface for his M.A. and graduated with distinction in 2011. 

While in the UK, he exposed to different cultures, people, and ways of life. He spent his time in the UK living in Southend-on-Sea, London and Kent, working as freelance photographer and graphic designer. Apart from design sector, he also worked in bar/restaurant, as well in high-profile event management, where he gained more knowledge and transferable skills that he believes has enhanced his thoughts towards life and design discipline. 

Tanachot returned to Bangkok in 2014 and joined Samataphap (a Cadson Demak company) as a key person in the studio. Most of Cadson Demak’s online/offline publication and promo materials are designed under his visionary. Aside from his design career, he has been hosting Tuesday Night Talk Series for TAB. He also teaches visual communication design at Silpakorn University International College and typography at CommDe, Chulalongkorn University.


BITS & Pieces 2017 Conference
Tanachot Sapruangnam
October 27, 2017.
4.00 pm. - 6.00 pm. 
at Auditorium, Goethe Institut

“Food for thought"

As a graphic designer by trade, but spent a good amount of time as waiter for many years. On a packed Friday, a busy restaurant can be quite chaotic and unexpected. High pressure on the dining floor is the normal scene. Pretending that everything's fine in the kitchen whereas it is on fire.

Truly understand the meaning of “Hell's Kitchen”. In order to get through the night we need to develop a set of skill. For example; a diplomat skill to negotiate with the cooks, deal with fussy customers, being a good salesperson and pump up the sale. It’s a multifunctional task. No one should notice the chaotic that lie underneath.

After his return to Bangkok, he resumed to the Thai design industry. He realized that both working platforms share some similar aspects. Blending the set of skills and applying them into the design business came to him naturally. In his keynote presentation, Tanachot will share his experience by narrating through restaurant business and show how he utilized them for a design firm.