Nattapol Rojjanarattanangkool



Nattapol Rojjanarattanangkool, A Thai designer who interested in the meaning of arts and each spectacle of surrounding. Adapting them on to design, Nattapol believes it helps conform the problems.

During his study years in design field, his graduation thesis, ‘Visible Pollution,’ not only was awarded as the Best Graphic Design Thesis Award from "Degree Shows 2009" in part of "Bangkok Design Festival 2009" held by Art4D magazine but was also selected to be displayed as one in a hundred thesis in Ploysaeng Festival, Thailand Creative & Design Center(TCDC).

From graduating to present achievement in design field, Nattapol have join Practical Design Studio as one of a studio partner. He has developed many quality works which some of them were published through well-known exhibition, including Typographic exhibition under Katadrad group, DYoungster exhibition and Typolyrics exhibition held by German group of designer.

In 2014, his picture font called ‘Pharmasee' received "Demark Award" in Graphic Design field, "PM Awards 2014" and "Good Design Award 2014" (G Mark) from Japan. Later that year, his personal work was displayed as a part of "Money Faketory" Group at Bangkok Arts and Cultural Center (BACC) and as a part of "The Great Artist of Tomorrow Will Go Underground’"by Marcel Duchamp.

In 2015, He was invited to display his work called ‘Fragment’ in "Turning Tweets Pluse", an exhibition organized by Bangkok Arts and Cultural Center(BACC). Meanwhile, he was given a chance to design a beer label that changed beer drinker’s perceptions as a part of the event called Dub Ba Dub Dub, organized by a group of underground actors. Within the same year, he was also chosen as "Young Gun Asia Award"(Antalis 10 20 30) that held by Antalis Asia Pacific.


BITS & Pieces 2017 Conference
Nattapol Rojjanarattanangkool
October 29, 2017.
Afternoon Session
1.00 pm. - 3.00 pm. 
at W Hotel

“Between Parts and Wholeness”

The design that Confines the definition of designing process by isolating, accumulating, and positioning its elements for the specific space, meaning, and purpose.