Indra Kupferschmid

Credit: Luke Garcia, ATypI Sao Paulo

Credit: Luke Garcia, ATypI Sao Paulo

Indra Kupferschmid is a freelance typographer and professor at HBKsaar, University of Arts Saarbrücken, Germany. Fueled by specimen books, she is occupied with type around the clock and in all its incarnations – webfonts, bitmap fonts, old fonts, type history, research, marketing, DIN committees, design work, and any combination of this. She is co-author of Helvetica Forever by Lars Müller Publishers and other typographic reference books. She consults for the type and design industry and everyone who needs help choosing fonts, writes for magazines, books, websites alongside juggling her own small or ultralarge ventures.


BITS & Pieces 2017 Workshop
Indra Kupferschmid
October 28, 2017.
1.00 pm. - 3.00 pm.
Workshop 1 & 2, TCDC Commons
Available slots : 8 person

“Looking at Latin-script typefaces"

What are the main characteristics in which typefaces differ? Which of these influence their use and impression, and how? In this workshop we’ll distinguish and sort different kinds of Latin-script typefaces, choose fitting fonts for different assignments and themes, and learn to pair them with others.


BITS & Pieces 2017 Conference
Indra Kupferschmid
October 27, 2017.
4.00 pm. - 6.00 pm. 
at Auditorium, Goethe Institut

“Type classification is dead, long live font filtering.”

Typographers have a long standing love–dread relationship with (Latin-script) type classification, clearly trending toward dread in recent years. The surge in new typefaces since the 1990s has rendered traditional classification models pretty much useless while it is hard to internationally agree upon a new, universal system. What is the need and use for type “classification” today anyway and how can we design more helpful tools to sort and find typefaces.