Gerry Leonidas


Gerry Leonidas is an Associate Professor in Typography at the University of Reading, UK. Gerry’s research interests cover the practice of typeface design as a response to wider contexts, and a range of issues surrounding Greek typeface design. He supervises research at MA and PhD levels, and lectures globally on typography, typeface design, and typographic education. The rest of his time is taken with enterprise and knowledge transfer projects, with a twin focus on global business development, and new education initiatives. Gerry’s design consultancy focuses on publication design and typeface design with particular expertise in Greek typography. The impact of this work is most evident in the design quality and typographic support for Greek typefaces by Adobe, DaltonMaag, Monotype, Microsoft, and most major type foundries. 

He is the Programme Director of two MA programmes: the MA Typeface Design course, which is recognised as a global reference for research-based teaching in a practical discipline; and the MA Research in Typography, that prepares researchers for PhD study. A third Masters programme in the pipeline, on research aspects in Typeface Design. The TDi summer course in typeface design, now in its ninth year, pioneered an intensive, research-based format for design. 

Gerry is also the Vice-president of ATypI, and founding member of Granshan Foundation. He serves as international expert reviewer of professional and academic work, and competition juror.  


BITS & Pieces 2017 Workshop
Gerry Leonidas
October 28, 2017.
1.00 pm. - 3.00 pm.
COMMMA, Chulalongkorn University
Available slots : 15 person

“Type Design as Practice-based Research”

This workshop outlines a methodology for embedding research in typeface design education. It covers issues of curriculum design, project definition, and evaluation and assessment. It is of most interest to educators, programme managers, and people in strategic positions in education institutions focusing on the Applied Humanities. The workshop combines short presentations with group activity sessions.


BITS & Pieces 2017 Conference
Gerry Leonidas
October 27, 2017.
4.00 pm. - 6.00 pm. 
at Auditorium, Goethe Institut

“The Designer as Social Mentor”

Typeface design is in a period of growth in scale, and innovation. More precisely, it is at the beginning of a period of growth, in directions that are only beginning to be discernible. Demographic changes and technological advances are fuelling this process, and tend to dominate discussions about what's going on in the field. However, for design practice the most important factor is the search for new identities and the exploration of originality in new typographic environments. This means that design is becoming easier and more predictable at global level, but more challenging and competitive at regional and local level. Designers have to assume consciously the role of social mentors, reflecting and feeding back on their local culture. Gerry will outline some thoughts on how this happens in typography and typeface design.