Tetsuo Sakomura


Morisawa is a champion of the culture of typography -letters, fonts and typefaces- and the connection that it makes between the past and future.

We are one of the first type designers in Japan, and have made major contributions to the development of digital publishing. We pursue our craft with the end user always in mind.

Morisawa’s mission is the expansion of the possibilities of type both now and into the future.

The presentation of Morisawa will be given by Tetsuo Sakomura, an employee of Morisawa.

Joined Morisawa Inc. in 2016. Work in overseas business. Studied abroad in Parsons School of Design, majored in Photography. With the experience acquired in design field, worked as a photographer for a half decade and then shifted professionality to design management. Worked on projects with domestic/international museums, planning exhibitions, creating tools to evangelize the content educationally, and managing the design team.


BITS 6 International Conference
Tetsuo Sakomura
October 9, 2016.
Session 1 (10.30 am. - 12.00 pm.) 
W Hotel

“Designing readability in complex. Approaching multi-readability”

The problems occur in reading/comprehending Japanese is not because you are non-native. With its unique feature involving 3 different scripts multiple by two directions of typesetting multiple by co-existing with other scripts multiple by innumerable combinations of all, it could cause poor judgment in certain situation, poor readability for person with low vision or dyslexia, confusion for foreigners.

Morisawa is keen and focus on developing typefaces to lead every people to better life.