Kwanchai Akkaratammagul


Kwanchai Akkaratammagul, co-founder and director of Craftsmanship, a company based in Bangkok, Thailand, who has a team that works professionally with all creative mixed media, interactive installation, and other various application fundamentals. Also, a temporary professor in Rangsit University.

His passion elaborates on technology combined with typography also put his interested on his surrounding which gives him an ability to explore different perspective of typography. By understanding more deeply into considerable and reinforce message that delivers to the target audience, communication can support more information than present piece of art of its own. 

Every development gives him more experience on how to make things relevant for the right choices of design. More importantly in his own designs, it is not just displaying the appearance of the beauty or how convenient technology can be operated for but producing functional quality was also his first priority for details to apply on every projects, he believes that was the key to a great design to every piece and a success. Accounting examination for materials, techniques, and choices for production, he executed with hardship, professionally, and also a contribution with a fascinating outcome.


BITS 6 International Conference
Kwanchai Akkaratammagul
October 9, 2016.
Session 2 (1.00 pm. - 3.00 pm.) 
W Hotel

"A decade of transition. This is what I learn as type lover."

Kwanchai is going to tell you what he learn and how he find his own interest and passionate in typography. Which he designed typeface for works and hobbies through the decade of transition from printing to screen.