Seok Geumho


Seok Geumho is Typographer, Type designer, Founder and C.E.O of Sandoll communications Inc. 

He is the one of pioneers in Korean typography and Korean typeface design. He had established Sandoll communications in 1984 which is the one of the most influential foundries in Korea. Sandoll communications has grown up making more than 400 fonts of good quality since its foundation. Currently he runs the company with about 40 members and has participated various global projects for Hangul part.

He had taught consistently about Typography in several universities. And he also has studied the structure and legibility in Hangul which has original and scientific features. He has made his effort to foster young generation making them understand the sublime spirit of Hangul invention.

Sandoll communications has developed ‘Malgeun Gothic’ for Microsoft Windows Vista in 2001, and Apple made decision to set 9 weight fonts of Sandoll Gothic Neo1 as Korean font for all their devices, in 2011. Also in 2014, Sandoll communications collaborate with Google and Adobe on Noto-Sans CJK project. In addition Sandoll communications also has designed brand fonts for global cooperations like Samsung and LG etc. 

In 2014, Sandoll communications won in Granshan competition which is specialized in non-latin typeface, 1st prize with Sandoll Myeongjo Neo and 2nd prize with Gothic Neo1 in text typefaces category, and 1st prize with Sandoll Tokyo in Display typefaces category.


BITS MMXV International Workshop
Seok Geumho
Presented by Korean Cultural Center in Thailand
October 30, 2015.
10.00 am. - 12.00 pm.
Auditorium A, TCDC
Available slots : 10 person

“Making Korean Name using Thai Alphabet”

This workshop is for making your name in Hangul (Korean alphabet) used with whole or small part of Thai letter shapes. Initially, Gumho will illustrate you how to write your name in Korean. Secondly, you will have a look at these visual form of your korean written name in detail then, make a decision of a visual plan what part of Thai latter would be used for your work with the printed paper as Cadson Demak prepared. After that, all participants would see their name in Korea letter and understand the shapes of Hangul.


Provided equipments by Cadson Demak (per person)
1. 5 papers printed in Thai letters
2. A3 paper: more than 3 sheets
3. Pencil, Scissors, Cutter and Glue


BITS MMXV International Conference
Seok Geumho
Presented by Korean Cultural Center in Thailand
October 31, 2015.
Afternoon session
5th fl Auditorium, bacc.

“Structure and features in Hangul and fonts development”

Hangul (Korean alphabet) has very unique and systematic letter shapes and structures. Hangul looks simple externally because of its geometric form of grapheme but in fact, it is one of the most complex alphabets to adjust space between these graphemes. This presentation explores how Hangul designer treats distinctive visual features of Hangul with fonts developing process. Through some case studies of global font family project, you could get interested in Hangul and understand more than before in various perspectives.