Dave Crossland


Dave Crossland graduated from the University of Reading's MA Typeface Design programme in 2009. His student project "Cantarell" was included in the launch of Google Fonts and is seen on the web by over 2 million people every day. In 2010 it was selected as the default User Interface font for GNOME 3. Dave works as a typographic consultant to the Google Fonts project and gives financial support to libre type projects including FontForge, Glyphr Studio and Metapolator.


BITS MMXV International Workshop
Dave Crossland
Presented by Google Fonts
October 30, 2015.
1.00 pm. - 3.00 pm.
Typographic Association Bangkok (TAB)
Available slots : 10 person

“Type Design For Beginners”

Learn the secrets of sketching type ideas for any writing system! Dave Crossland (UK) will ensure each person leaves the workshop with confidence in sketching letterforms, even if their last lesson was in elementary school! You will also learn about the next steps to realise your idea as a complete digital font product.


BITS MMXV International Conference
Dave Crossland
Presented by Google Fonts
October 31, 2015.
Morning session
5th fl Auditorium, bacc.

“Libre Fonts: Secrets Revealed”

Fonts can not usually be shared and when they do not work correctly, you are not allowed to fix them. Making your own typefaces is a black art, hidden in mystery. A long time ago software programs were the same, but the software freedom movement has freed the knowledge, the tools, and the business of software. Now it is time to free fonts. Dave Crossland reveals how to design typefaces using only libre software — and how to earn money doing it.