Wee Viraporn


Founder and design director of Conscious, a small design studio specialized in environmental graphic design. The studio has designed signage systems for major corporates in both public and private sectors, such as dtac house, PTT Exploration & Production Public Company Limited. (PTTEP), Securities and Exchange Commission Thailand (SEC) and also working on wayfinding system for Suan Luang Rama IX which is Bangkok’s biggest public park and botanical garden.

Since he strongly believes that design works are meant to serve society and better quality of life. He enjoys working for social and cultural organizations, including UNESCO, Patravadi Theatre, Thai Health Promotion Foundation and Thai Social Enterprise Office.

He fell in love with typography from collecting photos of shop signs and studying letterings from Thai advertising of the old days even before becoming a design student. As a design educator, he always draw references from local and vernacular design and finding new possibilities of designing and using Thai letters. He is a guest lecturer at various colleges and universities and took part in many design conferences and workshops. He also participates in activities that aim to stimulate awareness and educate the public and enthusiasts about graphic design in Thailand such as hosting “Design Pai, Bon Pai” podcast.


BITS MMXIV International Conference
Wee Viraporn
November 15, 2014.
10.00 -11.30 am.

"Reflecting myself, according to others, through type"

To compare my relationship with type to a person, it is like having a very good friend. He’s been around me since before I became an art student. Even though we haven’t become best friends or business partners, he has always been there for me whenever I need help or need someone to play with.

In this experimental project, I will ask this friend to help me with expressing myself, according to how other friends see me.