Thanarat Vachiruckul


Thanarat is a graphic and type designer based in Chonburi, Thailand. Graduated from Silpakorn University (MFA) and Burapha University (BFA) . During his early career, he was working as a graphic designer in several advertising agencies before taking a role as visiting lecturer in universities. He found something was not completed in his work which later led him to type design. Later became dedicated type designer. Thanarat joined Cadson Demak in 2012 as a designer where he has been heavily involve in typography project and get to test his type design skill. Currently, Thanarat is working as a type designer and a partner of Katatrad, Chonburi based type foundry. He applies all of his work experience and knowledge from years of graphic design to create a unique Thai fonts collection with a mission to help other Thai designers creating an effective communication.


BITS MMXIV International Conference
Thanarat Vachiruckul
November 16, 2014.
11.30 -12.30 am.

“From user to producer”

Although, trial and error experience is an old story that have been told many times over in type design field. This version will be slightly different in his own right. From choosing and applying fonts to the layout to designing and publishing his own fonts worldwide; the story of a Thai type designer who utilizes research and knowledge in creating fonts and turning them into a full-time business as a partner of Katatrad Foundry. The stuffs along the way are always more interesting than the outcome.