Danh Hong


I started to study type design by myself in the mid-1990s, and I created a Khmer Unicode font in 2001. I learned about OpenType and hinting for the creation of high quality fonts at Microsoft in Seattle in August 2002.

The first open source font that I created was the KhmerOS (Khmer OpenSource) font, first released as a free download for MS Windows and Office users in 2003. The project took on the name of the font (www.khmeros.info).

Since, the KhmerOS fonts have been updated to support Windows, Linux, Adobe's products and more recently Mac OS X (after adding both OpenType and AAT support).

I have worked as webmaster, journalist and mobile app developer. On occasion I teach font design to Cambodian and Lao students and other people visiting Cambodia. I have also helped the Lao government to create a national standard font in 2005.

On my blog, I share my experiences and tips in using computers and in using Khmer Unicode fonts on Mac OS X, Adobe's products and on mobile phones: http://www.khmertype.org/


BITS MMXIV International Conference
Danh Hong
November 15, 2014.
3.00 - 4.00 pm.

"Khmer UI font for Small Device"

UI font is designed to reduce the overall body height of text, and allow Khmer to have descender and ascender-lines closer to other scripts. It also allows their use in UI components where vertical space is a premium.