Bruno Maag

  • born 19/03/62 Zurich Switzerland
  • apprenticeship as typesetter 1978-1982
  • further education in Typography and Visual Communications 1984-1988
  • Emigrates to UK to work for Monotype 1989
  • Moves to Chicago to work for Monotype 1990
  • Returns to London to establish Dalton Maag 1991

Bruno began his typographic career with a traditional apprenticeship as a typesetter at the Tages-Anzeiger, Switzerlands largest daily newspaper. In his apprenticeship Bruno learned to typeset with metal type, and with the introduction of new technologies also worked with photo and digital type. During this type he also gained an in depth knowledge of all aspects of the printing industry. His further education in Typography (BA level) and Visual Communcations (MA level) at the Basel School of Design, Switzerland allowed Bruno to expand his technical and organisational skills into design and identity development. At Basel, Bruno cemented his interest in type design under the supervision of Andre Guertler and Wolfgang Weingart. After graduating Bruno emigrated to England to take up a position at Monotype. He received in depth training drawing letterforms using traditional hand skills and software. Monotype made him responsible for developing a 'custom font department' to answer the growing needs of a design and printing industry that embraced the newly emerging technologies. After 18 months of working in England, Bruno was transfered to Monotype's Chicago, USA, office where he continued to work with design and publishing clients to create brand specific fonts. One such project was to digitally recreate the fonts in use, at the time, for 'The New Yorker' magazine.He established Dalton Maag after returning to the UK. Since 1991 he steadily built the company and the size of the client to become one of the world's leading typographic studios. Bruno's background and experience make him a valuable addition to a brand team. As an external resource with a very specific skillset he is able to offer impartial advice to ensure the best possible result for the client. Bruno also lectures frequently in the UK and internationally on the subject of typography and its implementation within a brand environment.


BITS MMXIV International Conference
Bruno Maag
November 15, 2014.
4.00 - 5.00 pm.

"Type in a digital landscape"

The presentation explores how the tone of voice of a typeface can be expressed in a medium that has broad parameters, asks how technology hinders or assists the reproduction of fonts, and asks if fonts can be responsive. 

The discussion topics are set against a background of Bruno Maag's experience creating fonts for digital usage as far back as 1995, and Dalton Maag's more recent experience working on projects with Ubuntu, Nokia, Intel and HP.