Nirut Krusuansombat


From a boy in the printing shop who help his aunt to array the receipt, collect the metal type including create the simple artwork.
It preach "Nirut Krusuansombat" to be a designer with a passion in typography, book design, and letterpress printing.  

Then, he establish Tri-Z Design Studio and Press A Card for support his work. 
So, his working lift has 2 types which are Graphic designer and Printmaker, which combine between  creativity and skills.
He enjoy with his creative work. His work is known both in Thailand and other countries. 


BITS MMXV International Conference
Nirut Krusuansombat
November 23, 2013.
Afternoon session
5th fl Auditorium, bacc.

"The Reunion of Type Foundry and Print Shop"

In the past, "Letterpress Printing Shop" and "Foundry Letterpress" are always paired together. But when the generation changed by the prosperity technology. 
They fade with time. 

"Press A Card" is a design studio and a small letterpress printing shop, which also featured on this printing system in a modern times.

"Cadson Demak" is a studio that specializes in the typographic solution, which known and recognized both local and international.

Both studios have an idea that there should be collaboration between the "Foundry" and "Printing Shop" again. 

There was a new character, a sense of traditional print which the creation by the digital foundry "Cadson Demak".  Then, it will be printed in letterpress by professional craftsman of "Press A Card" to create a contemporary design that is valuable to happen in this computer age.