Smich Smanloh


Studied film during collage years. Found out later that he prefer seeing them rather than making them. He started his first job as a graphic designer in advertising agency. Later on he hopped over to do graphic design for music label, mostly designing cd covers. Graphic design also landed him on art directing job at 'Woman Today' magazine. This could well be called another turning point of his career. Smich got a chance to explore the possibilities of using typefaces and get to know them better through out the magazine layout. He felt the first itch when he could not find the right Thai typeface to serve in his work. Finally, in 2010 he began to put extra energy into studying and designing typefaces. Worked as commercial designer by day and crafted letter by night. Trial and error took him all over the places. He joined Cadson Demak’s type workshop and everything started unfolding from then on. His typeface 'Garavek' had participated in 'Katatrad' exhibition held at RMA Institute. 


BITS MMXII International Conference
Smich Smanloh
May 25, 2012.
Afternoon session
Alliance française de Bangkok

“The Beginner (When you know what you want to be)”

When you know what you like, when you know what you can spend hours and hours with, when you have fun doing it. You 'want to do it' instead of a 'have to'. A story of one year experience in making fonts, the design and the process by a new beginner. What kind of a result does the one year experience leads him? Result, he actually goes back and revised his first embarasing typeface. On top of everything, it does lead him to the determination of becoming a type designer as well as working with 'Katatrad'.