Akiem Helmling


Driving together is much more pleasurable than a solo trip. For ten years the pan-European design collective Underware has been creating versatile fonts, surfing the waves, conducting type workshops, co-founded Typeradio (the radiostation on type and design), throwing canon balls, practicing kamikaze chess; but mostly, they gave flowers for their mothers and turned them into a cover girl. Which resulted in an everlasting smile on their faces.


BITS MMXII Special Workshop
Akiem Helmling
Narrated by Pongtorn Hirunpruek
May 25, 2012.
1.45 pm. - 5.45 pm.
Alliance française de Bangkok
Available slots : 10 person


BITS MMXII International Conference
Akiem Helmling
Narrated by Anuthin Wongsunkakon & Wee Viraporn
May 26, 2012.
Afternoon session
Alliance française de Bangkok

“Everything that can happen in a day.”

Akiem Helmling is one of Underware members. The title of his lecture is pretty much said it all. He will show us all kind of possibilities that can happen in one day. Come to find out what he is cooking for us together on his lecture day. It has Underware name as a guarantee.