Jean François Porchez


After training as a graphic designer Jean François Porchez (born 1964) worked as a type director. By 1994, he had created the new typeface for Le Monde newspapers. Founder of Typofonderie, his expertise enables him to propose bespoke typefaces as well as distributing his fonts via his website. He is honorary President of the Association Typographique Internationale, taught type design in various schools and conduct regularly type design workshops all over the world. He also contributes regularly to conferences and international publications. He founded the french community Le Typographe in 2003. He was awarded the Prix Charles Peignot in 1998 and numerous prizes for his typefaces.


BITS MMX Special Workshop
Jean François Porchez
Narrated by TBA
October 30, 2010.
1.00 pm. - 5.00 pm.
Alliance française de Bangkok
Available slots : 10 person


BITS MMX International Conference
Jean François Porchez
Narrated by Anuthin Wongsunkakon
October 31, 2010.
Morning session
Alliance française de Bangkok

"Typeface design mysteries elucidated"

Do we really need new fonts? There is no need to design new typefaces, at least its common knowledge outside of our little industry. Specially true when we start to discuss font licenses. Does graphic designers use the same layout or same concept for all their clients? A good graphic designer will create obviously unique identity for each new project. Designing a new typeface for a new project require similar analyze, similar method than any common graphic design project. And I will try to demonstrate why. Old projects never ending such Parisine, or more recent like Henderson, Retiro, Vuitton and few others will help to explain in deep design process. What is the mystery ingredient that makes a good typefaces? Just clear analyze of the needs, good discussion with your client and indeed many hours of work as everything.