Theerawat Pojvibulsiri


Theerawat Pojvibulsiri (Poj) aka Aksornsanan, born in 1974, full-time Instructor 

at Department of Computer Generated Imagery, Albert Laurence School of Communication Arts, 

Assumption University and a designer of member of SiamType and SiamLife Group. 21 years of teaching in the graphic design field, I love to teach, I love to design, love to travel, love Thai art & culture, Lampang is my most favourite place. Puan and Seri project reflected Lampang identity, Puan and Seri typeface (Demark and G-mark 2016), Puan and Seri Exhibition and Puan and Seri Book (work in progress). Typeface, Thai graphics and, Lampang is my life.


BITS & Pieces 2017 Conference
Theerawat Pojvibulsiri
October 29, 2017.
Morning Session
10.00 am. - 12.00 pm. 
at W Hotel

“Puan and Seri”

Local artists, who passed their thoughts, experiences and knowledges from generation to generation and from teacher to student. Lampang is only one province in the northern part of Thailand that has a lot of beautiful shop signs, good materials and techniques, the most interesting shop signs in Lampang were signed the artists’ name at the bottom right corner, P. Suwannasingha and Seri, 2 Lampang great local artists.

Puan Suwannasingha (teacher 1897-1965) and Seri Sermsuk (student 1932-present) created more than 500 shop signs,t emple signs, Thai mural paintings, etc., around the northern part, Lampang, Payao, Nan and Chieng Rai. Today, there are a lot of their works appears while walking along the street in Lampang, the most distinguish part on the shop sign is TYPEFACE, beautiful and outstanding design and structure, all of their works are different from others.

I spent a few years in Lampang to collect, research and interview about Puan Suwannasingha and Seri Sermsuk, biography, life and works, to create “Puan and Seri Typeface” and manage “Puan and Seri Exhibition”. Both projects are tribute the the Lampang great artists, type designers and sign makers.