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Type Walk Hong Kong & Chinese Calligraphy

Available slots: 10

→ Connaught Road West – First Street – Connaught Road West (Round Tour)

Sai Ying Pun in Hong Kong Island, is the treasure place for Hong Kong’s shop signs, a kind of visual culture that is world famous and unique among China area.

Calligraphy and sign painting are always connected in Chinese livelihood since ancient time. However, after the two world wars and the long internal conflict, this legacy were almost being wiped out, replaced with contemporary style nowadays. Thanks to its unique political position, Hong Kong sheltered lot of long-lost traditional Chinese culture, included the traditional shop signs and Beiwei calligraphy style, legacy from Qing Dynasty (over hundred years ago or longer).

Julius Hui, Hong Kong’s Chinese type designer, will let Type Walk participants walk along Des Voeux Road West and tour around Sai Ying Wan, find their own favorited old shop signs contains calligraphy styles that may span across the last two thousand years – from Seal Script to Clerical Script, Kaishu and Beiwei Kaishu, come together and share among the group, Julius will give a detailed explanation of each of the script’s stories and style.

Adonian Chan, Trilingua Design’s Design Director, famous Beiwei Kaishu’s practitioner, will provide a Chinese calligraphy workshop on how to write Beiwei Kaishu – a beautiful shop sign calligraphy style that could only be seen in Hong Kong. Participants will get a taste of being a Chinese calligrapher, write up and down strokes to feel the mind of craftsman when writing for the shop sign.



Earlier Event: October 29
Later Event: October 5
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