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Introduction to typeface design

  • TCDC Bangkok 622 Sukhumvit Rd กทม, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, 10110 Thailand (map)

with Veronika Burian
Slot: 10 - 20

This workshop is aimed to graphic design professionals and students. It may be also of interest to calligraphers, editorial designers, information designers and industrial designers. Basic knowledge of software applications for Bezier curves editing (Corel, Freehand, Illustrator) is suggested but no skills are required regarding calligraphy or character design.

The workshop will consist of three different parts:
1. Tracing of characters,
2. Short briefs or lessons,
3. Open critic sessions.

By means of tracing pre-selected letters, participants will experiment with structural elements of lettershapes such as contrast, connections, weight of strokes and curve velocity. They will also learn the basics behind sketching an alphabet. This will be aided by short lessons that will establish essential knowledge units that support the theoretical framework and the concepts behind the exercises. The resulting characters will be openly discussed and corrections and alternatives will be shared among participants.

By the end of this workshop, participants will have basic knowledge and practice of the following subjects: a Type classification, a Proportions of the latin alphabet, a Ductus (Texture and color of a block of text and Contrast and stress), a Optical corrections, a Typographic coherence among letters, a Shape and countershape (relationship between letterforms and their interior and exterior space)