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Display TypeCooker

  • TCDC Bangkok 622 Sukhumvit Road Bangkok, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, 10110 Thailand (map)

with Mark De Winne
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TypeCooker is a tool devised by Erik van Blokland for generating type drawing exercises. A random list of parameters for drawing type are generated which can be used to practice drawing type, or to inspire new ideas for original typefaces. In his time at TypeMedia, Mark tweaked the tool and modified some of the original parameters to help him generate more options for his display typeface, Morris. 

Starting with a drawing game as an icebreaker, join Mark on a whirlwind exploration of oddball terminals, styles, and forms in this interactive and very hands-on workshop. 

By the end of the workshop, participants will get an understanding of what it takes for a series of letters to work together within the context of type design — while having an alphabet’s worth of fun too.


Provided equipments by Cadson Demak
1. A3 Drawing paper: 100 sheets
2. Black felt tip Markers (thin and thick tips): 10 of each kind
3. Liquid Paper/white out: 10 pcs

Earlier Event: November 15
Later Event: October 30
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